About Us

Hi and welcome to Frank and Frida.  We offer inspired designs for photographers with our modern and stylish templates but I'm sure that you want to know a little more about us.  Well, I'm Patrice (AKA Frida) the brains behind Frank & Frida and  then there is my husband Sam (AKA Frank) who lovingly supports my dream.  As a photographer, I wanted to create designs that my clients would love and feel special about when showing off their photos to their friends...so I started designing my own products.  My templates were always well received, but I knew that I needed Frank's help take them to the next level.  After launching our designs on Etsy, the positive response was overwhelming and it was obvious that we needed to take the next step.  It took a little convincing, but once Frank started creating our templates, he was hooked, trapped, and loving every minute of it.   We love working together (as long as Frank listens to me) and feel that our yin and yang makes the perfect combination to create inspired designs.    

Now, let me tell you about Frank.  Frank comes from the world of corporate advertising and is loving the freedom of designing our templates.  He lives and breaths art and finds inspiration in the oddest places.  He loves to use composition, movement, and textures  to create unique designs that stand out.  I love the fact that  the sky is the limit with Frank and that he does not mind pushing the creative boundaries, it just means that sometimes I have to be the voice of reason.  For Frank, designing and creating equals happiness, he loves to work with the music blasting and gets lost in his creative world.   Frank is an amazing artist that can draw, paint, sculpt, carve, mold and get's a kick out of helping our son's out with their school projects (I'm pretty proud to say that ours are always the best).  He is a sensitive guy that is doing what makes him happy and does not mind sharing pieces of himself if that makes you happy too.  Go ahead, pick a design, your favorite one...9 times out of 10, I bet that you will pick his design.

Me, I'm a wife, a mother, a nurse turned photographer, and a closet designer.  Art just pulls me in and I get lost, I see the world differently because of art and I don't mind. Textures, patterns and colors...gosh I just get such a rush.  How can I choose?  I love brown because it grounds me, the many shades of green because it's what makes the world so beautiful, blush because it romances me and red because it makes me feel passion...I could go on and on.    I feel so vulnerable sharing me, but then again, that's when I am the happiest. I have no formal training, but simply I design what I feel.   I love the freedom that this world of art has given me in my design and portrait work.   Although Frank is the one that studied photography in college, I love that he takes a back seat to allow me shine in my portrait work too.  

Frank and I have such different and unique perspectives and that is why our designs are so inspired. We are loving life, each other, and the happiness that our templates bring you.  Oh by the way, the first question that people usually ask, is how did we come up with the name Frank & Frida. It's quite simple...Frank is our dog and Frida belonged to one of our clients, we fell in love with their two names and the rest is history (we love our new aliases).